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John and Elna's Children

Roger (Bud)

Vina was born in Cooperstown, ND on May 10, 1910.  She married Clarence Arthur Njaa of Cooperstown, ND on April 21, 1935.

When Vina's father died in 1925, she was the oldest female sibling still at home.  Because, Elna,  her mother had to work to support the family, the job of bringing up those siblings who remained in Cooperstown fell to her.  After she married Clarence, she worked as a nurse's aid.  It had always been Vina's dream to become a nurse.  Except for periods of working again as a nurse's aid at the hospital in Cooperstown, she was a full time homemaker.  Vina's reputation as an outstanding cook and seamstress was widely known within the family and her circle of friends.

Clarence kept the books and ran the parts department for Arneson & Loder, Cooperstown's International Harvester dealer, for 45 years.

After retirement, Clarence and Vina moved to Bismarck, ND to be close to their daughter, Nancy, and her family.  They lived the remainder of their lives in Bismarck.

Clarence and Vina had two children:

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Clarence died on August 29, 1989.  Vina died on January 24, 2001.

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