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Another way make this site both fun and useful has been suggested by Marilyn Fischer.  Her idea is to collect family recipes.  At some point, she plans to produce a cookbook if she can collect enough of them.  We should be able to use this site to help collect them.  With all the good cooks this family has had, and still has, great recipes should be in no short supply.  Marilyn also has the idea that many of these recipes have a family story behind them, and those stories ought to be part of the recipe when it is published in this site and Marilyn's cookbook.


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 -- -- DISH -- ---- -- ORIGIN -- ---- -- SUBMITTED BY -- --
Date Filled Oatmeal CookiesVina NjaaJohn Njaa
Mother Johnson's Angel Food CakeVina NjaaMarilyn Fischer
GingerbreadVina NjaaMarilyn Fischer
Soft Molasses CookiesVina NjaaMarilyn Fischer
Krinkle TopsVina NjaaMarilyn Fischer
Italian Spaghetti SauceBinkey JohnsonMarilyn Fischer
BrowniesAnn MeisterMarilyn Fischer
Wacky CakeAnn Meister and Margaret LearMarilyn Fischer
Nanimo Bars (3-Layer Bars)Ann MeisterMarilyn Fischer
Buttermilk PancakesDick MeisterMarilyn Fischer
Variation on Uncle Fred's ChiliMarilyn FischerMarilyn Fischer
Green Tomato JamMargaret LearMarilyn Fischer
Inlagd Sill (Pickled Herring)Elna JohnsonMarilyn Fischer
KrumkakeElna JohnsonMarilyn Fischer
RosettesElna JohnsonMarilyn Fischer
Spritz CookiesElna JohnsonMarilyn Fischer
Svenska Bruna Bonor (Swedish Brown Beans)Elna JohnsonMarilyn Fischer
Honey Lime Fruit TossPatti JohnsonMarilyn Fischer
Corn and Broccoli CasseroleEna JohnsonMarilyn Fischer
KumlaWho KnowsJohn Njaa
LefseLorraine JohnsonJohn Njaa
Swedish PancakesLilly HillLinda Bade
Biscuits and White SyrupLilly HillLinda Bade
Stolen (Christmas)Lilly HillGeorgia Bullard
Oatmeal BreadMargaret LearTom Meister
KomlaAnne-Gro KlugeAnne-Gro Kluge

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