Marilyn:  This is how the recipe was written down.  This is how I make it in my blender:
Add the buttermilk & eggs to the blender.  While the blender is mixing these 2 ingredients, I add the oil & all other ingredients except for the flour, which I add last.  I find that I have to add more flour than the recipe calls for [I think because buttermilk has gotten thinner over the years!].  I usually add at least a couple of heaping tablespoons or enough to make the pancakes keep their shape in the skillet.  I occasionally have made this recipe substituting 2 C. of yogurt (whatever I have in the refrigerator) in place of the buttermilk, but it's not as good.  I also sometimes sprinkle in some wheat germ.  Mom often made strawberry-rhubarb sauce to put on the pancakes.  Mmmmmm!  And on occasion (way back when), whipped cream & lingonberries.